Stowe Communications Internet lets you enjoy more of what you want with lightning-fast download speeds. Download HD movies, music and games. Watch TV online, upload pictures or just enjoy the Web — faster than ever. Plus we provide personalized, local support and have the networking know-how that's essential to making Internet connections work best for businesses and individuals.   

Internet Packages*:

Speeds can always be upgraded if current speed isn’t sufficient- No additional costs to upgrade.
Note:  please check with us, to make sure our internet service is available in your area.

cable ready modem (please note models may change over time)


  • 7 Meg Download Speed - $45.95/month
    Basic usage- multiple devices, checking e-mail & browsing online

  •  12 Meg Download Speed - $55.00/month
    Moderate-high usage- downloading large files, gaming, multiple devices streaming services

  •  25 Meg Download Speed - $79.95/month

         High usage- working from home, small businesses

  • 50 Meg Download Speed  - $105.95/month
  • 75 Meg Download Speed  -  $115.95/Month
  • 100 Meg Download Speed - $125.95/Month             

Commercial Fiber:

We offer Symmetrical or Asymmetrical. Please call for details.


D-Link Wireless Router (please note models may change over time)

D-Link Wireless Router (please note models may change over time)

  • Cable Ready Modem —$80 (own it, one-time fee) or lease $5/month
    Hardwire to computer or customer can purchase wireless router for wireless capabilities 
  • D-Link Router — lease $5/month

 Note:  Customer can purchase a modem themselves as long as it is a Cable Ready Docsis 3*

*Installation Fees:

  • Installation charges ranging from $55 to $75.