Troubleshooting Cable TV

  • There are no channels above 13/14
    change menu to cable mode/autoprogram
  • I have no audio on certain channels (14/25/26/60)
    check audio setting in TV (SAP/Audio button on remote or in audio menu on TV) needs to be stereo or mono
  • I have fuzzy channels
    check/tighten connections
  • The TV is snowy
    make sure TV is on the correct input (Video 1, Video 2, HDMI, etc…) by pressing the Input, Source, or TV/Video button on the remote
  • My remote won't work
    download our remote control guide to help program your remote

Troubleshooting DVR

How can I view recorded shows/programs on my DVR?
Press MENU
Choose my recordings
Choose show/program you want to watch from the list
Press OK
Press PLAY

How can I record on my DVR?
Use the DVR remote and press the DVR button while pointing at the Box
Press the MENU button, then press OK
Scroll down to the set recording time, then choose time & day
Choose the channel you wish to record
Press OK

To Stop Future Recordings:
Press Menu button
Arrow over to choose DVR and click OK button
Arrow down to choose future recordings and click OK button
Select the recording you want to edit and click OK button
Arrow over to the red  dot choice and click OK button
Arrow down to choose Don’t Record and click OK button

To Delete Current Recordings:
Press Menu button
Arrow over to choose DVR and click OK button
Choose My Recordings and click OK button
Arrow down to the specific recorded show you want to erase and click OK button
Arrow over to the X and click OK button

Troubleshooting Email:

Toll-free Internet & Email Support  1-888-394-4772, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


  • What are the mail servers for email?
    The incoming POP3 server is:  The outgoing SMTP server is :
  • Help!  I forgot my email log in information!
    Contact our Email Tech Service toll-free at  (888) 394-4772 or visit their website at or email support

Reseting Modem:

  • If this is an existing router and had been connected to the modem, please close all browsers on the computer and shut down as you normally would.
  • unplug the power cord from the cable modem and router
  • plug in the power cord from the cable modem only and wait until the four upper green lights on the modem to cycle and once again are solid
  • plug in the power cord from the router and allow it to initialize
  • reboot the computer

Note:  the blue or yellow Ethernet cable should be plugged from the modem to the yellow or blue port in the router.  Ethernet cable should be plugged into the WAN port on the router

If you continue to experience trouble with your internet service, please contact (802) 253-9282 during normal business hours.  After hours or on holidays/weekends, please call the technical support line to-free at (888) 394-4772. 

Note on Telephone Internet modems:  you will need to wait ten minutes after unplugging the modem before rebooting the router. During this time, please do not touch the phone receiver or attempt to reboot the router.  You must wait a full ten minutes after plugging the modem back in before attempting to reboot the router or use the telephone.  Once you have waited ten minutes, plug the router back in and wait for the router to cycle  Then restart your computer and surf and use your phone normally.   

If you are having trouble with your phone service after hours, please try the rebooting sequence above.  If that does not resolve your problems, cal the business office at (802) 253-9282 and contact the on-call technician.